EFIA Membership

EFIA members have access to the entire range of Benefits and Services, including free CHAS assessment and full use of the EFIA's Fencing Trade Portal. Membership costs are turnover related:

Band B: £ 350 + VAT per year (turnover up to £ 750K)

Band C: £ 450 + VAT per year (turnover between £ 750K and £ 1.5m)

Band D: £ 550 + VAT per year (turnover greater than £ 1.5m)

EFIA have stringent entry criteria in order to maintain a membership of the very best companies in the fencing industry - EFIA is not a badge that can be bought - all members must adhere to the EFIA Code of Practice and agree to the Terms & Conditions of Membership, demonstrating that they not only operate legally, safely and profesionally, but go further in providing goods and services of the highest quality.

To apply for membership, please download and complete our application form EFIA Application Form, and forward it with your membership fee* to begin your application.

NOTE - you are advised to prime your referees in advance so that they respond promptly, as we can process an application in just 24 hours, but we cannot complete an application at all without your references.

For further information please contact us by Email or phone 0845 450 4898

* Membership runs from Jan 1st to Dec 31st.
* Members joining before 30th June will pay their first year annual membership fee reduced pro-rata for the remaining months of the current calendar year to 31st Dec.
* Members joining after 30th June will pay their first year annual fee increased pro rata until 31st Dec the following year.
* Membership can be paid by cheque, debit/credit card, BACS, or in monthly installments if requested.
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